Over the last 8 years, we have worked with medical professionals in Obstetrics and Pediatrics to aid in the care of their patients both in the hospital and in their homes. See what your Doctor has to say about Rita's Baby Nursing Service.

I am an OB-GYN on staff at Prentice Women’s Hospital, one of Chicago’s leading women’s hospitals, and I have known Rita for over 15 years. When I delivered my daughters in 2005 and 2007, I asked for her help and she immediately came to my aid. She is a hardworking but gentle soul that knows how to take care of babies- and parents. She is a fabulous nurse, educator and friend to all that have had the pleasure to meet her. I would recommend her care and services to any postpartum patient and family.
— Julie Levitt, M.D. The Womens Group of Chicago

Rita is a wonderful person and nurse. She has over 25 years experience in newborn care. Working in the newborn nursery for 20 years, she is entrusted with the assessing of babies, watching for signs of normalcy or potential problems. Because of her many years of experience, she has become very competent in newborn assessment and care. In the 15 years that I have known Rita, she has become my “eyes” watching over newborns when I’m in the office and can’t be at the hospital. Rita is an expert in all aspects of newborn care- including bottle feeding, breast feeding support, cord care, bathing, swaddling, reflux, and colic. Rita is a very reliable, competent and friendly person. She is well liked by all physicians and her fellow staff. I recommend her night nursing services to all my patients in need of extra care and support.
— Donald Brown, M.D. Streeterville Pediatrics

I have know Rita since 1997, first as a Patient Care Technician in our hospital’s newborn nursery and later as an amazing night nurse, specializing in newborn care. In each capacity, she has been an invaluable asset to our hospital and to the many patients of our practice that she has assisted with their newborn care. Rita has been able to more than competently educate new parents, insure the safety of newborns and provide much needed reassurance and rest to families in need of her care. I can give my highest recommendation for Rita and her night nursing team.
— Lisa Mazzullo, M.D. The Women's Practice

I have known Rita for 19 years both professionally and personally. She has over 25 years experience in newborn care. She has been in the newborn nursery for 20 years. There she is responsible for all aspects of newborn care. This includes well baby care: breast feeding, bottle feeding, dressing, bathing, swaddling, skin care, cord care, and circumcision care. It also includes assessment for potential problems; signs of illness, dehydration, jaundice, and dealing with fussy babies. Rita’s demeanor is professional and competent. I trust her judgment to assess and care for the infants that I am responsible for when I am not at the hospital. I highly recommend Rita and her team!
— Anne L. Wyman M.D. Town and Country Pediatrics
I have known Rita as a newborn care specialist for over 13 years. Her knowledge of general newborn care as well as her experience cannot be matched. She is absolutely wonderful with infants as well as parents. I would highly recommend Rita to anyone looking for night nursing care
— Priya Sharma, M. D.
I have known Rita for 18 years in her capacity caring for newborn infants at Prentice Women’s Hospital. My patients have been in her direct care in the nursery. Rita is very knowledgeable concerning all aspects of newborn care, including, both breast and bottle feedings, circumcision care, cord care and bathing. In addition she is skillful in identifying problems including jaundice and respiratory difficulty. In addition, Rita is a very pleasant person with an outgoing personality. She interacts well with newborns and their families. I highly recommend Rita and her team for newborn baby care
— Aleta V. Clark, M.D. Child and Adolescent Health Associates
As a pediatrician who makes rounds at Prentice Women’s Hospital, I have known Rita for 15 years- and over those years, Rita has taken superior care of my patients and their families. She has been an asset to new and experienced moms alike— and her skills in caring for newborns, as well as her compassion, are second to none. Accordingly, Rita is trusted and respected by both obstetrician and pediatricians who are on staff at Prentice, and most importantly, she is trusted and respected by our patients’ families. So if one of my patients’ families is looking for a night nurse, my endorsements begin and end with Rita.
— Ken Lyons, M. D Children's Healthcare Associates
I have worked with Rita for over 12 years now. She is an excellent nurse in addition to being a great person. She has tons of experience with babies, is a kind and patient person, and is a very hard worker. When she’s taking care my babies in the hospital, I know they’re in great hands. Parents lover her too! I recommend Rita wholeheartedly!
— D Sobel M.D.
I have known Rita since I joined the pediatric staff of our hospital in 1999. She has a wealth of experience taking care of newborns. Not only is she familiar with newborn care and signs of illness, but she is immensely reassuring to new parents who are often exhausted and overwhelmed. I have never has a family who has been dissatisfied with Rita or her staff. Rita provides an invaluable service to her clients.
— Carrie Gosch, M.D.
As an obstetrician at Prentice Women’s Hospital, I have had the great pleasure of getting to know and love Rita both professionally and personally for the past 20 years. She is not just a great newborn care specialist who has literally saved babies lives, but a wonderful human being who enriches the lives of those she meets. she has a gentle and expert touch with babies and their parents. Obstetricians, pediatricians and parents can all rest assured that a baby and mom will be well cared for under her perceptive watch. Rita and her colleagues provide a valuable and comprehensive service for both complicated and uncomplicated newborn care.
— Merita R.C. Tan, M.D. The Women's Practice
I have known and worked with Rita for the last 12 years. She is in charge og the newborn nursery and responsible for caring for newborn infants, and she teaches classes to new parents on how to care for their infant. She treats all of the infants in her care with love and gentleness, as I have witnssed this firsthand. She was the night nurse for my friend and neighbor and they loved her. She is highly trained and qualified to provide skilled care to infants. And I also have to mention the she is a wonderful, kind and, caring person.
— Patricia Gale, M.D.
I am an OBGYN on staff at Prentice Women’s Hospital, and it is without hesitation that I write this recommendation for Rita. I have known Rita in a professional capacity for almost 20 years. Having worked in the Prentice hospital nurseries as a newborn specialist, she has cared for countless babies and eduated many novice and experiencec parents. A seasoned mother herself, Rita understands the angst of first time parents, and the fatigue of veterans. When I learned of Rita’s service my only lament is that she was not doing this years ago when I had my own children. Rita is a caring knowledgeable person. Through her years of service, she has seen it all, the colicky baby, the sleepy baby that does not want to feed, the nervous mother and the anxious father. The understands each family is uniques and each baby is special. She is the professional advice we all seek as our family grows.
— Stephanie Cox-Baston, M.D.
I met Rita when I began making rounds on my patients in the newborn nursery eight years ago. I quickly realized that Rita had outstanding skills when it came to all aspects of newborn care. Her 20+ years of experience working in the newborn nursery were so evident to me that I started to consistently rely on Rita to help care for all my patients when I was in the office and not in the hospital. Besides her great expertise and knowledge with babies and their families, Rita is also a wonderful person. She has a special quality and warmth that touches everyone she comes in contact with both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Rita as a baby nurse to all the new families in my practice and to anyone who needs some extra help with their newborn.
— Eustathia J. Panoushis, M.D.