Seeing such a great need for new moms and dads going home unprepared to care for their new baby/babies, I started a Night Nursing Service in November of 2005.  Since the start of Rita's Baby Nursing, we have taken care of over 100 newborn infants. See what some of those parents have to say about our service.

Rita is a first time parent’s dream. She comes into the stressful situation of bringing a new baby home and creates a calm, comfortable environment. What differentiates Rita is that she teaches the new parents and their entire family how to care for the baby and the best ways to get a baby to sleep. Rita and her team allowed me to get a good night rest so I could recover and have energy to take care of my children during the day. Rita put both of my kids on a sleep schedule that made them both sleep through the night by the time they were eight weeks old!
— Brooke R.

Before I highly recommend Rita, I feel compelled to explain how I came to meet Rita. I gave birth to my son on April 23, 2013, via emergency cesarean section. Prior to my son’s arrival, I was asked nearly daily by my family and friends if I had lined up a baby nurse. I shrugged them all off and questioned whether I truly needed a baby nurse- I was used to pulling all nighters at work and figured I could handle my baby on my own. Plus, I was planning on nursing and I didn’t understand logistically how a baby nurse would work. Fast forward to the morning of April 23 and my emergency C-section. As I was laid up in the bed, my OB cam in to check on us and asked if we had someone lined up to help at home. We trusted our OB emphatically so we were all ears to any advice he may have on the topic. He recommended Rita and her team, and introducing us to Aunt Rita added to the list of things that we will forever be indebted to him for. Rita was with us from the first night we left the hospital and I don’t know where we would have been without her loving yet stern counsel and assistance. From the moment she entered our house she took control and helped guides us to get our son on a sustainable sleep schedule. She taught us how to bathe and swaddle and care for our son. She taught me how to pump and helped me with a pumping schedule. Our son will be 6 months old soon and has been sleeping through the night since he was 6 weeks old. To clarify-through the night at 6 weeks was 8-9hours whereas now he sleeps between 12-13 hours a night. Mothers that I subsequently met in new moms groups are amazed at our son’s ability to sleep at night and I cannot contribute it to anyone other than Rita. They all respond that they wish they would have hired/known about Rita before their children were born. I was sad when Rita stopped coming over-once Max slept through the night, her work was done, but I guess there is always the possibility of another child...Best of luck to your family!!
— Jillian M.

Rita is a lifesaver! As first time parents, my husband and I were clueless when we brought home our sweet baby girl from the hospital. Rita was a true professional. She not only taught us how to care for our little one with bathing techniques, watching the naval, swaddling and attempting a sleep schedule, she also helped me with breastfeeding. I had issues with milk production and she knew just what to do. Rita was also wonderful in soothing our baby back to sleep when she got up in the middle of the night. I would recommend Rita wholeheartedly to care for your newborn, your bundle of joy will be in great hands!
— Lisa S.

Rita’s Baby Nursing is a god-send and worth every penny!! My husband and I were reluctant to hire a night nurse because of the expense. But, we realized my health and sanity were well worth the price. My doctor, whom I trust implicitly, recommended Rita’s service to me when I asked her for suggestions for nighttime help. I don’t know what I would have done without Rita, Vie, Charlene and Debra. If you are lucky enough to book Rita’s service, you will not be disappointed. Rita and her crew are tough, but wonderful and loving. If you follow Rita’s rules, your baby will be sleeping through the night much more quickly; the result is a well rested, well adjusted and happier baby. Our boy-girl twins were regularly sleeping 7 and 9 hours by 8 weeks old; 9 and 11 hours a night by the time they were 10 weeks old; and now at 13 months, they both regularly sleep 12 hours at night. I attribute much of this to Rita and her team, with her creative and nurturing solutions for getting babies to sleep. Our babies are happy, healthy, curious and wonderful sleepers because we implemented Rita’s technique. Everyone who works for Rita’s service is trustworthy, punctual, professional, knowledgeable, loving and caring. I would give them an A+
— Stephanie M.
After delivering Harry via C-Section, I was having many complications with high blood pressure and swelling. While in the hospital, my doctor recommend Rita’s Baby Nursing to come help us at night as she knew my husband and I would need the assistance since my condition was so rough. Rita was the answer to our prayers, she came in and took care of me and baby Harry every night! She monitored my BP and called my doctors with updates and taught my husband and I everything we needed to know about caring for our baby Harry! Rita made sure we were comfortable caring for Harry and that he had a great sleep routine right from the start. Thanks to Rita I mended quickly and became a confident first time mother when caring for my sweet baby boy. It’s been 3 years since Harry was born and we have recommended Rita and her team to both friends and family who have all had wonderful experiences as new parents thanks to the Rita’s Baby Nursing team! We love Rita and 3 years later she is still a part of our family!!
— Sarah H. Highland Park, IL.
Rita and her team night nursed for us after the births of both my son and daughter for the first 8 weeks of their lives. In that time, she became invaluable to us and a trusted friend. As a first time parent, she taught us basic child care skills and cultivated our confidence as parents while enabling us to rest with a newborn baby. Sleep is invaluable and part of the healing process after you have a baby and Rita helped us get more sleep which helped make us better parents. If and when we have more children, we will be looking to have Rita help us again
— Briana F.
Rita is like a dream come true. After an unexpected return to the hospital after my c-section, we were blessed to have Found Rita as a night nurse. She put me completely at ease and I knew Charlie was in wonderful hands at night when I couldn’t be there. We learned so much about the behavior of a newborn and we were as well and were able to get onto a schedule as well. My only regret is that we didn’t know about Rita with our older son, Andrew. She will have a fond place in our hearts forever.
— Carolyn
Rita is the absolute BEST! Our little girl was born in the morning after a long labor and a cesarean. She slept all day and was up all night for our entire hospital stay. My Doctor referred us to Rita and she came over the very night we brought our little girl home. Rita had her on a schedule within 2 days. It was amazing! Her sleeping has been great ever since. Rita is so calm, caring and gentle and made us feel so very comfortable that she was taking care of our baby. Rita established a bedtime routine for us that we follow to this day, almost 8 months later. She is so knowledgeable and patient and she was always available and patient and she was available anytime we had a question. She guided me through the breastfeeding process as well as helped us introduce our dog to the baby in a manner that made him loving toward her, not jealous. Over the months, Rita and her team member, Kaila, became like family members. Rita is truly the baby whisperer. I trust Rita implicitly and have recommended her to friends and family and all love her as much as we do!
— Marilyn B. Hinsdale, IL.
My first child was colicky and a horrible sleeper. As soon as I was pregnant again, I sought out Rita’s advice about what I could do differently with my second child. She gave me simple and practical advice, which I used starting the very first night home from the hospital. To my absolute delight it worked!! My baby was on a great schedule by my return to work at six weeks and was sleeping consitently through the night, months before my first ever did. We were so thankful and highly recommend Rita to anyone in need of a night or baby nurse.
— Melissa Dugan-Kim, M.D.